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PugetHounder Loves Helping Dogs

PugetHounder loves helping dogs and we hope you do too. Please support charitable organizations in the Puget Sound that help dogs (and other animals) whether they be homeless, in need of medical care or need assistance with food because their owner is on a fixed income.

Charitable Organizations that Help Dogs in ThE Puget Sound Region

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Old Dog Haven - A non-profit organization providing Doggie Assisted Living and Hospice & Senior Dog Placement Assistance in the Puget Sound region. www.olddoghaven.org/

Dugan Foundation - A foundation that provides grants to organizations that are making strides to create a no-kill community for Pierce County, provides community leadership through facilitation of collaborative projects, and funds lobbying efforts to stiffen penalties for cruelty to animals and promote human accountability. www.duganfoundation.org/

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." -Roger Caras


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